Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One for women can be desperate too **

How to Pee Anywhere

** I once, as a youth, stayed with relatives in Wales, toilet outside, via hall to middle room to kitchen outside door.

I woke up totally desperate, went downstairs to realise my elder female relatives were all in the kitchen probably having breakfast. My access to the toilet denied, I was already using a hand-tourniquet solution, there was no way I could run and let go my grip !

It had been raining, the solution was immediate, urinate on the front door mat ! It went on for ages, all the time I just hoped no women came out of the kitchen to see the disgusting spectacle.

They didn't, relief was immediate. I never owned up and seemingly, no one noted extra liquid on the door mat ! Thank you Welsh rainstorm.

It was one of my best the time, not so.

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