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Motorists face £250-a-year tax to park at work - Telegraph


So much for a government stopping 'war' on the motorist. When will we, the public, ever elect a government to only tax what WE think is acceptable !

Sunday, 22 August 2010

UK government to scared to stand up for our country !


The uneducated drain on the taxpayer. Where is the education in our schools or are these issues too 'sensitive' for proper debate.

Appalling ! We've watched our country end up in this mess with nothing  is done to stop the importation of such alien cultures.

The cost and suffering goes on.

World's heaviest man Paul Mason loses 20 stone after gastric bypass surgery | Mail Online


The NHS should not be used for this fat piece of garbage presumably expecting the British taxpayer to fund his treatment.

The NHS should be for those who don't abuse their bodies and they should expect better treatment and taxpayer funded hospice care when needed. We pay tax for the NHS not for the obese, alcoholic and drug abusers. Another area for serious budget cuts and elimination. Add in invitro fertilisation.

Russia in color, a century ago - The Big Picture - Boston.com


Beautiful photographs of 1900s Russian Empire !

Second Hand Smoke More Harmful Than People Think


Save us all from the like in the air !

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TRON - lightcycle design origins ???

@io9: An incredible 1930s motorcycle that could have inspired Tron's light cycles http://io9.com/5602637//gallery/
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