Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Regulate English ?


I like my language UK English but,  apart from the proper school teaching of grammar (which if bad is down to poor teaching and disinterested parents) with the availability of information for purists, to regulate it will interfere with the whole evolution of this World language.  All the nuances,  differences and spellings in use around the World, such as in examples of American and Australian English, surely ADD to evolution.  We don't want a 'dead' language !

Stephen Fry is right to criticise any regulation. Proper English and grammar needs to be taught at school, those who stick with it are not to be criticised any more than those who evolve new colourful and slang English to add to our wonderful language.

Stop the language luddites !

Get a good English Dictionary (Oxford for example) and decide yourself. How about this one, 'E&OE'. Look it up !

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