Thursday, 25 March 2010

Budget 2010 - check official sources

Stamp duty holiday to 250,000 for first time buyers, Isa limit to increase, fuel increase 1p April and further 1p October and also January, RBS being restructured, public sector 54% of GDP, 50% tax tax rate from April for over 150,000, duty on drink up 2% above inflation, cider 10% above inflation, tobacco up 1% above inflation from today, wine etc midnight Sunday, one third of civil servants in London moved out in 5 years, asset sales plans continue, inheritance tax unchanged for 4 more years, new national investment corporation, 15% more government purchasing to go to small firms, business rates for small business cut, investment allowance up to 100,000, capital gains tax unchanged, high speed rail links encouraged, 100m for local road repairs, 250m for motorways, energy supplies nuclear power plant replacements, 60m for off shore wind farms, 50p high speed land line duty, 94bn loans from banks half to small business, 35m university enterprise investment fund, university extra 270m to modernise and student places, tax avoidance and evasion agreements in few days with three more countries including BelIze, (huge cheers), more expensive properties unable to clean housing benefit, pensioners 132.60 per week entitlement, winter fuel payment will continue, 345,000 businesses will say no council tax.

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